The “Formosa M Extinguisher” will serve as your lifeguard if a fire starts. Keep the “Formosa M Extinguisher” close where it can be always reached. The fluid extinguisher is highly efficient in suppressing fires!

The “Formosa M Extinguisher” can be placed close where it can always be reached. Extinguisher! The days of selecting an extinguisher only based on price have ended! It has to be able to protect my valuable family and property.

Reasons to place extinguishers

1. Because the law tells you to have one! (I’m afraid to be punished)
2. Because the apartment construction firms provide with one as you move in.
3. To be prepared for fire!

Equipping an extinguisher is not an “option”, but it’s a °”must”

Which type of fire extinguisher would be the best?

A type of extinguisher that can be placed close to you, an extinguisher that can be well matched with the surrounding environment. These would be the characteristics of the Pomin Extinguisher!

The world’s thinnest and patented “Formosa M Extinguisher”

The world’s thinnest flat extinguisher, “Bomin Extinguisher” At only 53 mm thick, it looks great hanging on walls.

Side effects such as blocked vision and respiratory failure which may be caused by powder extinguishers do not occur due to its environmentally friendly agents. Toxic gas generated from the Clean Extinguisher (HCFC123) does not cause suffocations at all.

Extinguisher Specifications

  • Type and category: Extinguisher, Chemicals (A, B) 2.3

  • CO2 pumping type, STS extinguisher

  • Authorization Number: Hydrogen 11-17

  • Total weight: 4.7Kg

  • extinguishing agent volume: 2.33

  • Major components of agent: potassium carbonate

  • Operating Temperature: -20°… ~ 40°…

  • Discharge duration: 57 Sec

  • Discharge range: 6m

  • Thickness: 53 mm

  • Tested pressure: 1.53Mpa

  • Extinguishment performance classifications: A1, B1

Keep it in a place where it can always be reached

Put your extinguisher where it can always be reached

Fire extinguishing test – Wooden material

Fire extinguishing test – Gasoline

Pressure Simulation Verification