Formosa Battery

Our Mission & Vision

  • To supply cathode materials with high quality and volume.

  • To be the world leader of lithium iron phosphorous oxide cathode materials.

  • To meet needs for high power and large-scale energy storage applications.

  • The Vision To be the clean and green energy source provider.

Roadmap of FPG cathode materials of lithium battery development

Development of high energy density cathode materials will be completed.

Development of lithium battery with high voltage cathode materials will be completed.

Lithium iron phosphorous oxide cathode materials with high performance went into mass production.

Development of cathode materials for next generation power type lithium battery.

Lithium iron phosphorous oxide cathode materials went into production.[ Spec:50050,152mAh/g, 6tons/month ]

1.Patents (A total of 9 applications)
2.18650 battery test line was established

1.Lithium iron phosphorous oxide cathode materials went into production.
2.R&D center was established. (own-tech & technical partners)

FLIC was founded. (LFPO patent license)

Facing the global trends of energy saving and carbon reduction, Formosa Lithium Iron Oxide Co., Ltd. has been proactively researching and developing the technology for the new generation energy industry. We develop, manufacture and sell the new generation green power material– Lithium Iron Phosphorous Oxide to fulfill the demand of various kinds of applications and energy saving facilities.

Material Basic Characteristics

Particle SizeD50; µm2~810~15
Tap Densityg/cm31.2~1.51.2~1.5
Specific Surface Aream2/g7~1112~16
Specific CapacitymAh/g135 ± 5156 ± 3

Characteristics of lithium iron batteries

  • High weight energy density
    110-150Wh/kg, much better than lead acid -40Wh/kg

  • High rate capability
    Up to 30C for surge, 3-5C for continuous use

  • Cyclability
    – Minimum 2000 cycles with 80% capacity remaining
    – Potential to 5000 cycles

  • Safety consideration
    The best in lithium iron batteries, compatible with lead acids

  • Environmental consideration
    – No toxic component and is RoHS compatible
    – Waste reduction eventually owing to prolonged cycle life

  • Price consideration
    Expected to be comparable with lead acids

  • Availability
    Materials required are the most abundant elements in the world

Quality Certification

High C-rate Discharge Performance

Rate Capability Test

Excellent Cyclability

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