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Formosa M Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and exporter of various kinds of products such as Fireproof, Fire Blanket, MLCC release film, Carbon Fiber, Fire-retardant Wallcovering and FORMOSA LFPO Smart Power Battery system based on raw materials and materials ranging from basic chemistry, We will do our best to make a system that responds quickly.

Based on our accumulated competitiveness, we are diversifying our business that focuses on high value-added product development. Formosa M promises to develop the company with the sincerity and the good price and endeavor to make the customer competitive.

Thank you.

CEO  Kwon, Yong Joon

Business Areas

Fireproof, Fire Blanket

Fire-retardant Wallcovering

Insulation Paint

Carbon Fiber

Formosa LFPO Smart Power Battery

Fire extinguisher

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