Nan Ya Fire-retardant Wallcovering


Made of Nan Ya PVC films laminating reinforced fabrics.
The main application is wall decorative material, and it features flame-retardance, toughness, abrasion-resistance, durability, no deformation, and moisture-resistance after special treatments.


  1. Thickness (GA): 11.8 ~ 17.7 (0.3mm ~ 0.45mm)
  2. Width (inch): 48 (121.9cm)
  3. Put up (yds/roll): 75


  1. Durability:Made of PVC films laminating reinforced fabrics, with toughness, abrasion-resistance, and no shrinkage. It is a semi-permanent material for wall decoration.
  2. Elegance:The patterns are developed by professional designers in combination with computers, thus have exquisite texture and color, and enhance the value of space.
  3. It can be cleaned with water, detergent, and alcohol, but gasoline or solvents should not be used in order to avoid damaging the ink on the surface.

Fire-retardant effect

Nan Ya fabric backed vinyl wallcovering with flame-retardants passes U.S. ASTM E-84 and meets the following standards

  1. CNS 7614 A3125-1994 flame-resistance grade 1 stipulated in “Flame-resistance test method for veneer materials”
  2. The fire-retardant standard of wallcoverings stipulated by Japan Wallcoverings Association.
  3. Fire-retardant grade 5 stipulated by Japan Wallcoverings Association (after laminating on flame-retardant grade 1 & 2 material).
  4. ASTM D4433-84
  5. JIS D120 1-1977 grade 2 (oxygen index=28.0).
  6. ISO 9002:1994 / CNS 12682 certifications.

The major use is for wall decoration.

  1. Public space: Office building, hospital, hotel, restaurant, motel, KTV, entertainment place and so forth.
  2. Residence: Building interior and wall decoration, beautifying decoration project, etc.

High-quality and trend-setting designs