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NAN YA Release Film is a trading mark registered by Nan Ya Plastics Corporation. By means of our own manufacturing experience on PET film as well as the advanced coating technology. we have developed the high transparency, matte, colored, and anti-static film etc. All our products have been kept on researching to fulfill our customers satisfaction and the requirement of future electro-optical industries.

To assure the high quality performance, all Nan Ya Release Film are made by fully automatic process under the integral QC inspection management system. We optical microscope surface texture analyzer commit to keep innovating the advanced products and providing the on-line technical service to meet the oncoming global network challenge.

NYN YA Release Film


Main applications -MLCC -MLCI -LTCC

slitted roll

XRF analyzer

slitting process

optical microscope

surface texture analyzer

NAN YA Release Film Product Map

Release Strength
Very LowLowMediumMedium-Heavy HeavyVery Heavy
AB GlueL138A
ACF/HT185°CR250W / L125AH325AR250W
ASFL125A / L175AH325A
Car windowH325H
Dicying tapeLS25AL125A / H338A
FilterLL38HH950A / R938A
Graphite sheetS750A
Lambda sensorH318A
Matte filmN350RH950L / H950MS850T
Medical TapeL138A / L150A / L1AOA
L130C / S130F L138A / L150AH330C / H338A / H350LH838AH950A
MLCIL150LH350AH838AH938A / H950A / H950L
Membrane KeyboardR750WR750W
Metal tapeLA75AH850A
L138A / L150A / L175A / LH50AH350A / H375AH675A/ H875A /S3A H850A/ U175A
Protective FilmL125A / L138A / L150A / E150AH338A / H350A / HC50AH950A / H950LS838A
Support sheetLDC5L
TN/STN LCDS138A / L138ASB38A / H338A
Thermal Conductive
Adhesive for LED